Zack Neff

I’ve been tattooing for around 7 years. I was born and raised in Connecticut. I focalize in black and grey and very much enjoy realism. I’m also versatile in doing some things in color. Pencil drawing and tattooing are the main two mediums I work in. The different processes and techniques they have to offer along with the creativeness that comes with it are a passion and escape.

I got involved in tattooing through my fascination in the mechanics of the coil machine along with a history of pencil drawing, getting tattooed and persistent interest. The more I’ve put into things, the more I’ve gotten out of things and constantly strive to grow, learn new stuff and evolve. Soaking knowledge in from various sources as well as talking with other artists who have been in the industry before I came into it.

Before putting needle to skin, I labored in a shop going through a brief apprenticeship learning shop responsibilities and basic fundamentals. Following that, over the first couple years I worked on fine tuning those basic fundamentals in a couple different shops.

The last three years I’ve been a licensed artist and working out of 12Tattoos advancing in my artwork and tattooing alongside some other talented artists, as well as meeting a lot of good people.


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