Zack Neff

I’ve been tattooing for 5 years. I was born and raised here in Connecticut. Drawing and the different processes it has to offer along with creating art is a passion and escape of mine.

It has been for most of my life. My favorite style I specialize in is black and grey (concept/Imagery – everything from beautiful to evil) other styles aside from that I also like doing are American traditional and I’m also versatile to color.

Tattooing and pencil drawing are my main two mediums, other ones I enjoy are airbrushing, painting and color pencil. I got involved in tattooing through my fascination in the mechanics of the coil machine and pencil drawing, as well as getting tattooed. The more I’ve put into things, the more I’ve gotten out of things and constantly strive to grow, learn new things and evolve.

Before putting needle to skin, I went through a brief apprenticeship learning shop responsibilities and basic fundamentals. Over the first few years I worked on fine tuning those fundamentals. Soon to be 2 years this upcoming 2016, I’ve been a licensed artist here at 12 Tattoos.

Connecting with great clients over the years and being surrounded by other great artist in the area.


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